venerdì 30 settembre 2011

Increase views to youtube videos

I was conducting a study regarding criterion of counting of views of YouTube videos. So I wrote a small software "ViewsTube" that was supposed to increase infinitely views on YouTube, but mysteriously stops after a few hundred ... as you can see from the accompanying video.

So thinking that the block was due to software or computer that I used, I did several hours of tests and inspections without being in charge. At one point, the doubt ... and if YouTube were blocking the views to a certain threshold? 

The doubt was legitimacy! 

In fact, after several changes of test computers and connections that I made: 

Any YouTube video can have a unique IP address, a finite number of views (I think around 300). 

Basically I am connected to my adsl to maximize views of about 300 after a video that subsequent views will not be counted, imagining the same computer you can connect another ADSL I could to increase the video with another 300 views. 

if this is true, think about it, it's not right! 

If you think my video was watched by a multinational headquarters in which there are 2500 computers in and out all with the same connection, and then with the same IP would increase only the views of 300, 2200, and others who have watched the video ? 

Fig 1 software ViewsTube


The software is available for testing and educational studies. 
See you next Tutorial 
Michael Balzano

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